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What Activities Should I Take for Bad Horoscope Prediction?

What Activities Should I Take for Bad Horoscope Prediction? 

Now begin with, astrology has no place in daily life. Even worse, you could be afraid to check Bad Horoscope Prediction. One should live their life by that is wrong.

Many claims that unfavourable planetary alignments cause all unfortunate events in life in the birth chart or horoscope. Then, one wonders why God created us and why some people are born into families that experience great hardship while others are born into families that have everything made. People frequently blame negative or weak planets in their Bad Horoscope Prediction for issues, while many take pride in having exalted and good planets in their horoscopes. They are revealed many fallacies when people discuss whether a horoscope can only be positive or wrong and what to do if one is negative. How should unfavourable planets in a horoscope be handled? Here is a summary of his responses for laypeople’s understanding.

Any Bad Horoscope Prediction Might Be Good or Negative, right?

It is wholly incorrect. No horoscope may be positive or negative. Evil planets in your horoscope are the product of your past life karma, but God has granted you “free will” in this life to lessen their negative impacts. Similar to how excellent acts from earlier lifetimes are reflected in favourable planets in a natal chart. However, abuse of “free will” might negate these beneficial advantages. People’s horoscopes’ planetary placements do not only indicate their final location.

Although the person’s Bad Horoscope Prediction contains a lot of planets in exaltation, I’ve noticed that they haven’t accomplished anything particularly outstanding. Contrarily, I’ve also seen that despite several planets in Bad Horoscope Prediction being debilitated, they haven’t done anything particularly detrimental. It demonstrates that having planets in exaltation does not guarantee a person’s success. On the other hand, evil planets are not to blame for people’s misfortunes or failures.

People’s Horoscopes’ planetary placements

People's Horoscopes' planetary placements

I’ve made it abundantly clear via my blogs and writings that the planets in Bad Horoscope Prediction are situated by where their Lingesh is. Planets are not always constantly in an exalted state as a result. However, a strong Lingesh may compel other planets to display their findings following its wishes.

Bhagat-Bhavam is an excellent thing in and of itself, according to astrology. The planets’ power is based on the house they are placed in, which is a fundamental Parashara law. For instance, the sun rules the sign of Leo. However, if it travels to the character of Capricorn, it is not seen as advantageous for its own house.

Venus in Libra may not be advantageous for Taurus, while Venus in Taurus may not be advantageous for Libra. It occurs due to Taurus and Libra’s sixth-to-eighth relationship (Shades Thak to one another). Mars in Aries may not benefit Scorpio, and vice versa, since the connection is now Shades Thak. When Jupiter travels eight houses from Sagittarius, which is once again Shades Thak, it is in exaltation.

Any astrology student would be perplexed by the interpretations of the Bhavit Bhavam described above since several astrological postulates are still lacking in evidence. Some of the principles I

stated before, and a few other things beyond the average person’s grasp have the opposite impact of what they were intended to have.

How many harmful planet consequences lessened?

  • People are not cursed by the malefic Doshas or flaws in their horoscopes. Instead, they can take advantage of them. Doshas that terrify individuals the most can rescue them from challenging circumstances.
  • Before I reveal the elders’ secret, let me first dispel certain myths of Bad Horoscope Prediction.
  • Doshas can be attributed to more than just people’s horoscopes. Each horoscope, you see, has a negative impact, and it is up to the individual to decide whether to activate it.
  • A skilled astrologer who can recognise the bad Doshas or yoga in the horoscopes of the individuals can provide them with corrective remedies.
  • People should be aware that by performing suitable activities, they may remove bad yoga from their horoscope (positive karmas).
  • People’s current horoscopes are defined by their past-life acts. And the only way to change their evil karma is to practise good things, and they may improve their way of life by doing social actions.

How does beneficial yoga in a Bad Horoscope Prediction benefit us?

One of the best instances I have ever worked on is what I want to share with you. A senior citizen once brought his son’s horoscope to my office. My father informed me that his son, who is 40 years old, does nothing to support himself. Additionally, he revealed to me that he had presented his kid’s horoscope to some astrologers, and they had all given him the exact prediction: his son would shine like a pole star. Simply put, his son’s horoscope was a thing of astrological beauty. The majority of his planets were either in their sign or in exaltation. At twenty-four, he began to experience his elevated Lingesh’s Dasha/period.

What should one do about good and terrible planets?

Those with no Bad Horoscope Prediction can achieve very well, whilst those born into wealthy households may have an ordinary or average life.

At forty, the guy meant to be a hero was discovered to be struggling. His planetary alignment made him his worst adversary and a complete failure. The kid, whose mother was terrified and concerned, would have a decent life. Many astrologers would interpret his natal chart as showing zero, but those familiar with the chart’s complexity realise that it represents a hero, not zero.

To keep negative yogas at bay and activate the good ones, understand how to do so.

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Panchanga Prognoses

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