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Which one Exactly is Daisy Keech’s ab routine?

Which one Exactly is Daisy Keech’s ab routine? 


Now is a detailed description of Daisy Keech’s ab routine. Every exercise is achieving back-to-back for 10 minutes without a break

  • Crunches: basic: one minute
  • Cycling kicks for one minute
  • Jack knives: 15 seconds per side, one minute.
  • Twists in Russian: 1 minute
  • Toe-tapping: 1 minute
  • 15 crunches on a bicycle per side :1 minute
  • scissor kicks: One minute
  • Reverse crunches One minute of
  • Butterfly kicks: 1 minute

Does Daisy Keech’s ab routine work?

It’s unlikely to develop an “hourglass” waist, as it advertises. Your rib cage form, pelvis, and the distance between your pelvis and ribs all have a major role in determining the contour of your waist. The width of your shoulders will also influence how small or large your waist seems.

Exercise alone won’t be able to change any of them, and even 10 minutes a day won’t make a difference in how much flesh you consume. Inheritance is mostly to blame for these aspects.

Nevertheless, following a regular pattern may be beneficial in other ways, even though it won’t likely make a significant difference to your “hourglass” figure.

Numerous studies have shown that maintaining your core muscles, which surround your spine, in a healthy state may help safeguard it. However, if this is the only exercise you undertake, Daisy Keech’s ab routine may imbalance your spine’s stability because it mainly targets the front of your abdominals and hip flexors.

The Exercise Excludes using the Obliques

The exercise excludes using the obliques

Keech says in her introduction that she avoids oblique workouts because Daisy Keech’s ab routine prefers to “cinch in” her waist rather than “expand it out.”

Daisy Keech’s ab routine was a huge red flag based on all the fitness professionals I’ve spoken with and the research I’ve done over the years. I’ve always been told that a balance physique will serve you best, so it seemed crazy to ignore a certain portion of your core just for cosmetic sake.

Although a week wasn’t extensive enough for me to notice any problems, I’d wager that if she never did oblique exercises, she would have trouble with other workouts that call for full-body strength, like yoga, Pilates, and reformer Pilates.

Daisy Keech’s ab routine repetition may be beneficial, but it can get monotonous.

She doesn’t know about you but doing the same workouts day in and day out rapidly gets longstanding. There is something to be said for repeating the same exercises (it’s the only way you’ll improve at them after all, and you can always change up how you do them with different types of sets, like drop sets), but there are plenty of other ab exercises that could target the same muscle group.

The following exercises suggest for inclusion in your base regimen by Fletcher: “A basic side plank would be an excellent alternative to improve in, as well as a fowl dog to develop your endurance and neurological connections between the lower back muscles, hips, and upper back.” In addition, perform a kneeling shoulder tap to hone your muscles’ ability to fend against rotation and maintain your spine in a conceivably safer alignment than your typical upright flips.

Daisy Keech’s ab routine could prevent muscle development and recuperation.

Keech does not accept breaks between workout sessions and does not permit any days off, which could obstruct muscular development. Numerous studies have demonstrated that skipping rest days and overtraining can raise cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, resulting in a decrease in growth hormone (GH) production, which is linked to decreased muscle development and strength.

Fletcher illustrates how skipping rest periods between workouts may also be harmful. “The more burn you feel, the weaker you’re probably going to feel, and if this weakness compromises technique, then you run the danger of injury and won’t gain the benefits of the workout,” the author claims.

Workout with Daisy Keech’s ab routine: before and after

We don’t believe in the whole “transformation” thing (they’re frequently associated with quick fixes, and lasting lifestyle changes should always come first), but I wanted to share my “before and after” photos to show that, if your goal is to change your body shape, doing the Daisy Keech ab workout every day for a week might not be the best option.

However, I can attest that your ab workout will make them sore since mine did. The Daisy Keech ab workout may be helpful if you follow our instructions and choose performance- and skill-based goals above aesthetic ones, taking breaks as needed and including movements that train every muscle.


While you could have more endurance in the frontal muscles of your neck, hips, and trunk, it won’t give you an “hourglass” form.

The hourglass exercise focuses on the upper and lower abdominal, continuing Winterbottom. Isolating these particular muscle groups can be beneficial, but the ultimate objective should be to increase total core strength, which calls for using all three planes of motion (up, down, side to side, and forwards and backward). The only movement covered by the exercises in Daisy Keech’s ab routine is the up-and-down motion.


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