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What does face serum cream do?
Skin Care

What does face serum cream do? 


Face serums are thin compositions that can be applied straight to your skin and include active components. In contrast to moisturisers, they are typically transparent, liquid or gel-based, and less thick. Serums are created to nourish, hydrate, protect your skin and address various skin issues, including Anti-aging.

Serum or cream: which is better for the face?

The heavier, thicker components in creams create a barrier on your skin. “That’s fantastic for keeping moisture in, but it can also keep active ingredients out. Without these barriers, a serum’s active components will permeate your skin more quickly and effectively.”

So, when should I apply serum cream?

So, when should I apply serum cream_After cleansing and before moisturising, individuals who want to add a serum to their tedious can do so. Depending on the product, it can happen in the morning or the evening. A person’s healthy skin objectives will determine the ideal serum for them. Finding out a product’s active chemicals is crucial before choosing it.

The Real Story of Facial Serum

When running a marathon, many of us strive for faster and lighter attributes in our bodies, cars, and laptops. Additionally, these are sought-after qualities in skin care serums, which are lightweight, quickly absorbing liquids used in place of or in addition to creams or lotions.

What a serum lacks that a cream or lotion does is the main distinction between the two. Occlusive or airtight, moisturising components like petrolatum or mineral oil that prevent water from evaporating are absent from serums. Additionally, they have fewer lubricants and thickeners like nut or seed oils. Since most serums are water-based, oils are entirely disregarded.

Serums contain the most potent anti-ageing ingredients — antioxidants, peptides, and skin brighteners like kojic acid — that you can find in over-the-counter products, according to Wilson, who adds that because most of the fluid is eliminated, what’s left is a high concentration of active ingredients. They are every product line’s real workhorse.

Application of Face Serum

Including a serum in your regular beauty regimen? Here’s how to use these simple elixirs to get the best results.

  1. After washing your face, pat a pea-sized serum with your finger to spread it evenly over the skin.
  2. After washing your face, wait 10 to 15 minutes before applying serum if you have sensitive skin. According to dermatologist Wu, using a water-based lotion on damp skin increases the risk of irritation. “Letting your skin dry out slows down penetration.”
  3. There’s no need to forego your favourite moisturiser. To prevent your skin from blocking the serum from penetrating, pat it on first.
  4. Does your serum cost too much to use twice daily? Wilson, a cosmetic chemist, taught you this trick. Use a few drops of the serum in your moisturiser as a booster in the morning or evening.

Do Face Serums Work? and What Is a Face Serum?

Do Face Serums Work_ and What Is a Face Serum_

Natural face serums are only distinguished from face moisturisers by the absence of the heavy chemicals that give face creams and moisturisers their thick viscosity.

Face serums typically contain water, which helps to reduce the size of your skin’s pores. Your skin becomes firmer, as a result, becomes incredibly supple. While a natural moisturiser works as a barrier against environmental toxins and retains moisture, its contents may not always actively benefit your skin.

Natural face serums get over this drawback and actively support the characteristics of your skin to give you clarity, smoothness, and a naturally flawless texture.

A supple texture and naturally even tone can be achieved with the use of face serums properly. And who doesn’t enjoy skin that doesn’t need to be covered up all the time?

Should I use a moisturiser and a serum together?

Most people are perplexed by whether to use a natural face serum, a moisturiser, or both. It is typically preferable to use a moisturising face serum for dehydrated skin if you have dry or irritated skin. For everyday moisturising, a face cream works wonders.

We can see the difficulty in deciding because the two items have various benefits and are made with multiple formulas and consistencies. When used in succession, the outcomes vary depending on skin type.

Is It Possible to Use a Serum Without a Moisturizer?

Is It Possible to Use a Serum Without a Moisturizer_

Because a serum and moisturiser have different advantages, you can apply them separately, and using them individually is not required. You can use a face serum instead of a moisturiser and vice versa.

Less is best when using commercial goods because they frequently include a high concentration of hazardous chemical compounds. Ensure you use one while applying an oil-based face serum or a thick moisturiser. It will prevent the heavy formulas from clogging your pores and let your skin breathe.

Which Face Serum Should I Pick?

Simple. Here are three quick tips for selecting the best facial serum:

Determine your skin type. Choose a formula that calms rather than irritates your skin because different skin types respond differently to other formulations. It’s acceptable if the procedure is a little greasy when selecting a face serum for dry skin. Choose a less smooth serum if your skin is oily or acne-prone.

On a patch of skin, test the serum. You can test for an allergic reaction to the serum by dabbing a tiny amount on the back of your hand or arm and letting it sit there for 15 to 20 minutes.

Ensure that you are choosing an organic facial serum. The best thing we can fix for our skin is to utilise natural components since they protect it from harmful, poisonous chemicals that can create long-term problems like eczema, acne, and premature ageing.


The most important thing is never to use serums excessively. In contrast to other facial products, face serum creams are rarely utilised. You should evenly distribute a tiny amount of the formula over your face and neck and mildly massage it into your skin.

Use them after washing and toning your face before using any cream or moisturiser. If you feel the need to, you can even omit the moisturiser. Hydrating Face-Serum Cream as a combo product provides the advantages of a hydrating face cream and a serum.


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