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Describe Personal Style.

Describe Personal Style. 


Personal Style is how a person likes to express themselves through clothing and accessories.” Fashion” and “style” are occasionally used interchangeably, and the two do, however, differ slightly from one another. In a given society at a specific period, the aggregate representation of trends and dominant styles is referred to as fashion.

Personal Style, on the other hand, is about the individual and how they interpret socially accepted fashion ideals in line with their unique expression. Technique relates to a long-term investment in self and the delight of donning something that truly embodies who you are. In contrast, fashion speaks to the investment in a frequently transient aesthetic. Learning how to build a genuine sense of self and letting it reverberate in the clothing you choose is a significant element of personal Style.

Personal Style: How Important Is It in Your Slow Fashion Journey?

Slow fashion encourages you to reestablish a connection with your wardrobe in various ways. Knowing your particular Style enables you to stop believing that you are never enough, a myth that the fashion industry feeds off of, and instead learn to be content with what you have.

First and foremost, by defining what Style means to you instead of what the media tells you, you should be wearing, having a sense of Personal Style enables you to escape the hamster wheel of never-ending trend cycles.

When We Set the Rules for What to Wear, Trends Are Destroyed.

As a result, you can make purchases with greater focus and mindfulness now that you know the goods that boost your Personality Style. Expressing yourself on your terms may help you feel lighter and more liberated. Additionally, you can save time and money long-term by becoming a more focused shopper!

Because you are not consuming excessively and impulsively to keep up with rapidly changing trends, you are also producing less garbage.

How Can You Discover Your Personal Style?

How Can You Discover Your Personal Style_

Below are a few pointers to get you started on the lifelong process of developing your sense of fashion:

Look For Motivation

Your Personal Style aspirations might be considerably disclosed by the outfits you see online or in person. So, finding your Style requires doing a lot of inspiration hunting. For fashion ideas, start an Instagram “saved” folder or a Pinterest board and pin looks you like.

Audit Your Closet and Think About Your Present Clothing.

After doing a closet audit, you’ll better understand what you have and what you might still want to add to your wardrobe. By reflecting on your wardrobe, you’ll see trends in the garments you wear frequently and those stashed away for a long time.

Get Inventive by Downloading a Wardrobe Digitization App.

Various free slow fashion applications let you digitise your current wardrobe and make new outfit combinations using what you currently own, including Wearing and Save Your Wardrobe.

By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid passing fashion trends and explore the creative possibilities of your current Personal Style wardrobe.

Develop Your Wardrobe’s Foundational Pieces.

Develop Your Wardrobe's Foundational Pieces.

Although staples differ from person to person (maximalists can have pins, too!), they constitute the foundation of any outfit. A wardrobe fundamental is a piece of clothing that fits into your wardrobe, you’d wear frequently, and would enable you to wear your other wardrobe pieces more regularly. It need not be the simplest form of the item.

Assemble A Desire List

You may also compile a wishlist of objects you want. Wishlists guide you toward more deliberate and planned financial decisions than impulsive ones.

It is because there is a good reason for each item on your wishlist. You spend time considering it, putting money aside, and keeping an eye out for it. When you finally get it, you’ve been anticipating it and have lots of style ideas! Wishlists are helpful for both thrifting and making purchases of new goods.

Buy Used Goods

By thrifting, you may discover what fashion trends and apparel categories you naturally favour. Thrift shops don’t have mannequins, giant banners, and catalogues staring at you as you shop and demonstrating how to style the clothing.

Your particular Style is, therefore, more likely to be reflected in the goods you are drawn to. Plus, because you’re recycling used clothing, buying at thrift stores is much less wasteful.



You may try out the fashions you’ve been gazing at by borrowing clothing from friends and family.

After that, you can be sure that you will wear the item a lot if you fall in love with it and finally purchase something comparable.

Think Of Three Adjectives That Best Describe Your Style.

Consider how you would characterise your Style. What would be the best way to sum up your Style? How do you want to feel when you wear a specific look?

Put the answers to these queries into three keyphrases that you may use repeatedly. By looking at a new item and determining if it fits inside the style framework you have established, having these keywords enables you to purchase with greater intention.


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