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Sp404 MK2: Functionalities, Specs, Audio, as well as Efficiency
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Sp404 MK2: Functionalities, Specs, Audio, as well as Efficiency 


The true kings of performance-based beat-making, Sp404 MK2 SP samplers are renowned for their unique sound and prowess in producing quick-fire beats anywhere, anytime. The SP404MK2 is the pinnacle SP sampler, having been meticulously improved through community input, extensive research, and development. It’s quicker and better than ever, thanks to a vibrant Led tv, expressive new pads, drawn-out effects, loosely organised sequencing and sampling, and a vast collection of real noises to help you become creative.

The Sp404 MK2 New Roland SP Model

The Sp404 MK2 New Roland SP Model

Due to its distinctive sound and extensive features, the Roland SP series sampler is a beat-making sampler that rules the performance-oriented demands in today’s market. After carefully analysing user input and extensive research, Roland created the SP404 MKII, an enhanced and meticulously crafted second-generation variant of the SP404. The second iteration additionally features a Hd+ screen, a responsive pad, and more effects and sampling library resources in addition to operating quicker.

Accurate Harmonics and Simple Control Interface Changes Are Features of the Sp404 MK2 OLED Display.

  • 17 agile, speed-sensitive pads
  • enhanced performance integrated 16 GB of storage, zero-latency touch, and a faster sampling rate
  • Additionally, a lightweight body design that uses a USB port, battery, or DC jack
  • Numerous built-in effects, including DJFX Looper, Vinyl Simulator, new Lo-fi, Cassette Simulator, and Resonator effects, as well as specialised Vocoder, Auto Pitch, and Guitar Amp Simulator effects.
  • Inbuild Sixteen pre-made projects with 32 voices each, with access to up to 150 samples. Additionally, 144 preset samples and patterns are built in.
  • Options for individual user customisation include selecting your boot screen, OLED screen, and outline colour.
  • The new resampling function provides more effect details modulation. The first 25 seconds of the replay track are also automatically captured and sampled by a bypass over sequencing.
  • Effects stacking and cascading may have greater flexibility for modifications thanks to bus effects.
  • Disco mode may individually control two different audio files.
  • The SP404MKII editing programme may be connected to set up more intricate sample management. Additionally, there are the Oscillator Assigning Pad and other Elastic Features.

Sp404 MK2 Specifications in-depth Maximum polyphony Voice: 32

1. Recordable Information:

2,560 Examples (16 samples x 10 banks x 16 projects, stored in internal storing)

2,560 examples (16 patterns x 10 banks x 16 projects, stored in internal storing)

16 GB of internal memory (includes presets)

16 minutes is the maximum sample length (approximately 185 MB)

Maximum to 25-second click close sample

Internal Data Resolution: Linear 16-bit

External input formats: WAV, AIFF, and MP3

48 kHz sample sampling rate

2. A Synthesiser of Designs

480 ticks per picture, 1/4 note

A design of 1 to 64 bars.

Influences: 16 kinds, 37 types (non-linear and non) (Input Effect)

17-speed sensors for pads

The range-topping regulating knob.

3. Plasma Screen.

Memory Card as a tool for external storage

Integrated: I/O/s PHONES Jacks: Stereo tiny phone type and 1/4-inch phone type

LINE OUT 1/4-inch TRS phone type jacks (impedance balanced)

LINE IN 1/4-inch phone-type jacks

IN Headset, the 1/4-inch TRS phone type (for the MIC) and the 1/4-inch phone type of jacks

Duo tiny phone kind of MIDI (IN, OUT) jack

USB connector: USB Type-C (Audio, MIDI).

4. Peripheral Memory Using DC IN Connection

SD card (available separately) for import, export, backup, and other features (SDHC compatible)

energy source: AC adapter (included). A USB bus power supply is also included (USB Type-C port, 1.5 A or more)

Ni-MH (AA, HR6) batteries (sold separately) 6 Alkaline batteries (AA, LR6), each supplied individually.

5. Current Draw: 1,100 mA (1,500 mA from AC adapter) (USB bus power)

6. Battery Life: 2.5 hours on an alkaline battery

3.5 hours or so with a Ni-MH battery

Weight and measurements 1.1kg W 177.5mm H 70.5mm D 275.8mm.

And how about Personalised Sp404 MK2 Covers and Toggle switches?

Customising the skins and knobs for the SP404 mk2 series is one of the fun things to do

The skin cannot be swapped with SX because of the size difference; thus, it is not an option. Yet, because the buttons adhere to a similar norm, they continue to function.

The tactile experience is altered by this unique button, making it more enjoyable to touch the music.

SP404MK2 is powered by 6 Rechargeable, a charger, and a USB power source. It measures 138g in weight.

Electrical Power Source AC Adapter Power Adapter

  1. inert mortar 4-5 hours (6 AA batteries) Unable to use a USB power supply for 2.5–3.5 hours can have a USB-C connector for power.
  2. The dry battery operation (6 AA batteries) is still running. Furthermore, the item’s durability has fallen by around 40%.
  3. But now it’s feasible to use a power source with USB-C! Therefore, switching to operation with a mobile battery is advised, if anything.
  4. A total of six dry cells weighs 138g. Thus, the 100g weight loss is a failure. Additionally, I believe that using it with a portable battery that you carry about for charging your smartphone outside would be healthier.
  5. By the way, in terms of stability and value performance, I believe Energizer to be the clear-cut option for mobile batteries.

One can recognise SP404MK2 as a sound card.

If you attach it to a PC using a USB-C terminal, the PC recognises it as an audio interface. I always leave it linked to my PC while I’m at home, and when I’m browsing the internet, I sample the portions that interest me and listen to live beats online. And when you feel like it, it might move to act right away.


The SP404MK2 permits you to design layouts with sole strong sensation. Other features include customisable input quantise, shamble for custom swiping, Pad-Link to fire off several instances with a single press, a Roll button to vary the recurrence of a note, and Automation for quick tempo adjustments. Additionally, it is feasible to group patterns for several sets and links them collectively to automate playback. You can go loose on your favourite synth or the SP personal effects controllers with your Bluetooth enabled.

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