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Subway Footlong Calories-Nutritional and Healthy Menu Options

Subway Footlong Calories-Nutritional and Healthy Menu Options 


One of the most well-known fast-food restaurants in the world, Subway has more than 40,000 outlets throughout the globe. The $5 Subway Footlong sandwich (the length of a footlong hot dog or submarine sandwich) and a menu allowing client personalization to have helped the sandwich business become a thriving franchise. Although Subway might be your first choice if you’re searching for an instant healthy food alternative, several food options are extremely heavy in calories, fat, salt, and sugar.

But because you may customize a Subway Footlong sandwich, wrap, or salad at Subway, you can design a reasonably nutritious lunch there and indulge guilt-free if you know the nutritional value of the items used and what constitutes a portion.


You may personalize your sandwich at Subway Footlong. For instance, you may choose whole-grain bread and add vegetables. Depending on the toppings chosen, which are frequently heavy in salt, the nutritional value of each sandwich varies. If you frequent this restaurant frequently, order more vegetables and limit the salt in your other meals to help balance your regular intake.

More Healthful Alternative at Subway Footlong

Choose the 6-inch Veggie Delite Subway Footlong sandwich, one of the famous Subway sandwiches, if you’re seeking a healthy alternative.


The morning menu at Subway is a recent addition that hasn’t yet been offered at every store. Although there aren’t as many options as possible for morning flatbread sandwiches, they may still be personalized similarly to the chain’s subs for lunch and dinner.

Cheese and egg flatbread

The 6-inch Subway Footlong egg and cheese flatbread has 380 calories, 15 grammes of total fat, 4.5 grammes of saturated fat, 44 grammes of carbohydrates, 3 grammes of sugar, 19 grammes of protein, and 940 milligrammes of sodium.

You may pick a breakfast that is even healthier by making a few requests. Order a 6-inch egg white flatbread on 9-grain bread without cheese and top it with spinach, green peppers, tomatoes, and red onions. This personalized breakfast flatbread has a tonne of vegetables and just 270 calories, 4g of fat, and 720mg of salt.

Subway Footlong Flatbread with sausage, omelette, and cheese

The 6-inch flatbread with bacon, eggs, and cheese has 450 calories, 20 grammes of total fat, 7 grammes of saturated fat, 0 grammes of trans fat, 45 grammes of carbohydrate, 4 grammes of sugar, 25 grammes of protein, and 1,190 milligrammes of sodium.

With 910 calories, 41 grammes of fat, 13 grammes of saturated fat, 0.5 grammes of trans fat, 89 grammes of carbohydrate, 7 grammes of sugar, 40 grammes of protein, and 2,380 milligrammes of salt, you can more than double some of those numbers by ordering the footlong size.

The ability to personalize a sandwich at Subway can help cut calories, but it also makes it simple to create a meal that accidentally has a full day’s worth (or more) of calories.

A footlong steak, egg, and cheese flatbread sandwich on cheesy garlic bread with double meat, bacon, oil, tomatoes, spinach, red onions, and green peppers, for instance, contains more than 2,000 calories, 126 grammes of fat, 45 grammes of saturated fat, 101 grammes of carbohydrates, and 5,110 milligrammes of sodium.

Subway Footlong Sandwiches

Subway Footlong Sandwiches

No surprise, Subway is most recognized for its sandwiches, given its name. You can order footlong or 6-inch submarine Subway Footlong sandwiches (or subs) on your preferred bread with deli meat, cheese, and vegetables, as well as a variety of toppings and extras, such as oils, sauces, and spices.

Personalized Wraps

Along with its standard sandwiches, Subway also offers a selection of distinctive wraps. One way to take advantage of the various chances for personalization at Subway is to swap out the bread for a low-carb wrap. Just be mindful of portion size (on average, the wraps tend to be considerably larger than the 6-inch sub versions) and stay away from extras that may make up for the calories you lost by selecting a healthier option.

Dietary Alternatives of Subway Footlong

While Subway has low-carb, low-fat, vegetarian, and vegan options, no low-sodium menu items are available.

There are a few gluten-free bread varieties available at Gluten-Free Subway. However, the business explains what it means by “gluten-free” in a statement.

Allergy Information for Subway Footlong Gluten

“Not in-restaurant baked, and a facility free of gluten is used to make the gluten-free bread. We cannot guarantee that our menu items are gluten-free because other menu items and components in our restaurants include gluten and are processed on shared equipment.”

The Non-Meat selections at Subway

vary depending on the area, not just in the United States but internationally. Some of the world’s most extensive vegan-friendly menu selections are available in the United Kingdom.

Anywhere in the world, Subway’s selection of vegetables should be able to meet your demands for a vegetarian diet. If you don’t want a salad, there are several vegan bread alternatives, including lower-carb wraps.


Thanks to their highly customizable Subway Footlong sandwiches, wraps, and salads menu, you have plenty of options to make a nutritious lunch at Subway. The fact that there are so many alternatives is daunting at times, and even seemingly healthy selections may include more calories, fat, salt, and even sugar than you may expect. However, if you know the nutritional value of each item on the Subway menu, you can assemble a wholesome, filling sandwich that satisfies your particular dietary requirements and tastes.

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