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What is the Tiniest Septum Piercing?

What is the Tiniest Septum Piercing? 


Tiniest Septum Piercing Are What Gauge Size? Septum piercings are normally 16g in size. However, this can vary according to your anatomy, personal desire, and piercer. However, you could elect to extend larger to 14g and beyond or size up to 18g.

How to Decide Which Tiniest Septum Piercing Size to Buy?

Have you had your Tiniest Septum Piercing recently? Are you searching to purchase new jewellery online because you’ve become tired of your present septum jewellery? It’s crucial to know the size septum ring you need before making a purchase, and with septum rings, there are several dimensions to consider. You are considering the two most significant parameters when the gauge you now wear or the thickness of your jewellery, commonly indicated as 16g or 18g when purchasing new septum jewellery.

Your existing jewellery’s inner diameter or the distance between the inner edges of its two sides, which is normally measured in millimetres.

It’s also crucial that you consider the jewellery’s design before making your decision. Some jewellery, for instance, has jewels or huge central motifs that reduce its inner diameter or cause it to protrude closer to your lower lip.

What Gauge of Tiniest Septum Piercing is There?

Septum piercings are normally 16g in size. However, this can vary according to your anatomy, personal style, and piercer. However, you could elect to extend larger to 14g and beyond or size up to 18g.

Does Tiniest Septum Piercing Jewelry Come in a Standard Size?

No. Although it may appear that the size of the jewellery you should wear in your septum depends solely on how big or tiny your nose is, there are many more factors to consider. Your piercer will utilise your particular anatomy to determine the size of the jewellery and the location of your piercing when you have your first piercing.

How to Determine the Tiniest Septum Piercing Internal Diameter

You can measure your inner diameter yourself, while it is considerably simpler and faster to have a piercer assist you. All you need is a ruler, a little piece of paper, and a fine-tipped marker.

You must: determine your inner diameter.

Put the tiny piece of paper there so the edge touches the bottom of your piercing.

Make a mark on the paper at the edge of your nose.

Measure the distance in millimetres between the edge of the paper strip and your mark using the ruler.

You might want to do this several times to ensure you get the right measurement.

The result is the lowest inner diameter you can wear without discomfort.

Size of Septum Fangs and Peaks

Size of Septum Fangs and Peaks

The length largely refers to jewellery worn in nose piercings because circular barbells, seamless rings, and clickers are frequently worn in septum rings. But septum tusks are also acceptable. Choosing the proper length for a septum tusk; the most popular lengths are 25mm, 40mm, and 50mm. Your nose and how far you want your septum tusk to extend over your face will determine how long it is.

Gauge Determination for your Tiniest Septum Piercing Jewelry

By simply glancing at your piercing hole, you cannot determine the gauge of your septum jewellery. You’ll have to rely on the jewellery you already own instead. To avoid damaging the piercing and experiencing excruciating agony, make sure you buy jewellery of the appropriate gauge. Trying to squeeze bigger gauge jewellery through a smaller piercing hole might cause harm to the piercing. If you buy jewellery smaller than your present piercing, you also face the danger of unintentionally shrinking your piercing.

Professional piercers advise that before buying new jewellery, you contact the store where your piercing was performed and inquire about the gauge of your septum piercing. It is because you require callipers to determine the gauge of your present jewellery accurately.

Is it Necessary to Check to Make Sure your Tiniest Septum Piercing Jewelry is Tight?

Jewellery should fit properly to avoid being excessively tight or restricting. Although jewellery designed to fit tightly on the bridge of your nose is available, it’s crucial to have the proper measurements.

Understanding that jewellery that fits a little looser is healthier for your piercing since it won’t put extra pressure on it.

If you’re choosing jewellery for your septum and want to flip it up periodically, it’s advised that you choose a slightly wider diameter to give it room to flip up.

Types of Tiniest Septum Piercing Jewellery to Buy

When it comes to jewellery for your septum piercing, there are several alternatives. Various circular barbells, captive bead rings, clickers, D-rings, retainers, pinchers, and other options are available.

You should choose a material for jewellery that won’t corrode and has a high level of biocompatibility. As a result, you should use premium metals like titanium, niobium, and 14k gold. You can also pick a horn, glass, or stone.


From little, delicate septum rings to huge septum rings, you have a lot of them—Shop a large selection of intricate and jewelled Tiniest Septum Piercing rings. With your selection of tiny and big septum rings, you covered whether you prefer a subdued, traditional, and basic style or a little standout ornamentation and design.

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